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School Photography

dScope includes a full image management and workflow solution for Schools Photography. It covers all four stages of the Schools process.

Product Design 

dScope supports a full range of product options including composites, group shots, portraits, packaged prints, books and gifting. A design module lets the operator build all their own templates and then group those templates together to create all of the products required. There is no dependency on dScope for product templates, or any restriction on how creative or conservative you want to be with your product range. You can easily tailor the product range differently for every school in an attempt to best match the products with the school demographics.

Data Preparation

In the preparation stage the system allows the import of all the schools data through standard interfaces, and the setup of that data ready to shoot images directly into the schools database. There are many tools for managing and manipulating the data that saves many hours of data entry and data editing. These functions automatically create all the shoot structures and all the required databases ready for the shoot. Once the data is obtained from the school, the data preparation process can have the full school ready for shooting in as little as ten minutes.

Image Capture

The system has workflows that can be utilised for both tethered and untethered shooting. With tethered shooting the photographer can view and judge the images at the time of shooting. Images are immediately entered into the database and linked to the children being shot. There are three different shoot processes available depending on the style of shoot being undertaken. dScope can cope with fully structured shoots where the order in which the children are presented is tightly controlled, or with completely random shoots where there is no order involved.
Product ordering can be performed at the time of shooting or at many other stages of the process depending on your chosen work practice.
dScope also has a number of failsafe mechanisms built in to help manage problems that may occur such as power and hardware failures. There are also many tools built in to help photographers maintain the image and framing consistency which is vital for a successful and efficient schools shoot.


It is in the production stage where the dScope system dramatically reduces the time and cost in the schools photography process. Within minutes of shooting the last child, the first packaged products can be printing. The system takes full control of the connected printer to assure that the products are printed in a fully managed order. This means that all products for any child are printed together removing the tedious and costly sorting and collation stage of the work process. Experienced dScope operators have been able to deliver full product back to the schools within 24 hours of the end of the shoot.

Kindergarten Photography

The Kindergarten Photography workflow retains all the capabilities and efficiencies of the Schools system, with some differences in the preparation and shooting modes. In most cases kindergarten shoots are far less structured, data is usually harder to obtain, and it is very difficult to shoot a kindergarten while the camera is tethered to a computer. dScope allows for these differences with a more flexible approach to shooting and an visual image matching module that allows you to sort and group the images after the shoot. Once the images and grouped and prepared, the production and printing stages have all the same efficiencies and product flexibility of the schools system.

Events And Sports Photography

The Events Photography system is used to photograph people in a totally unstructured environment. The most common uses for this system include parties, conventions, sporting events, competitions etc.. The Events workflow differs from Schools Photography in that there is no data available prior to the shoot and each customer must be treated as a single entity rather than part of a class. The system allows you to store full information on each customer, and to manage payments and invoicing at the time of shooting. The system can be used to manage the printing of product at the time of shooting, post shoot production and printing, or a combination of the two.

Santa Photography

The Santa Photography solution uses the Events Module to cope with the unstructured shoot process and the need to deal with both children and parents. It allows you to manage and control the process while maintaining an outwardly 'festive' process.

Why Buy dScope??

The dScope solution is a series of modules that can
• significantly improve the efficiency of your business,
• greatly reduce your production time and/or staffing costs,
• allows you to offer a wider range of product,
• increase your product quality, and
• support your efforts to increase your customer base.

All the modules are fully integrated so there is no jumping between programs to complete the overall task. The system is very flexible and can be tailored to meet your special requirements and workflows. The system is well supported and very aggressively priced. All modules in the system can be purchased, on trial or rented independently. Every installation includes all modules which means the modules can be activated immediately if the requirement arises.


Every module within dScope can be purchased or hired independently. The "Core Module" must be part of every installation and some modules are interlinked. The Workflow Solutions for Schools, Kindergartens and Events photography consist of a series of modules linked together in a workflow. For full pricing of a combination of modules to suit your requirements, please contact us.

Trial Download

You can download a fully functional copy of dScope which you can use for a trial period by clicking the "Downloads" button above.

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