dScope is a software company that specialises in imaging and workflow solutions for professional photographers, especially where large numbers of images are involved.

dScope Image Software

The dScope Image product provides an imaging and workflow solution for all forms of mass photography, with specialised processes for School Photography, Kinder Photography, Sports and Event photography.  The application has developed over many years through co-operation with our customers.  The system has been designed as a series of modules that can be organised to match the customer's workflow.  The system adapts to the customer, not the other way round.  Currently around 50,000 images are captured and processed using dScope related products every week.

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dScope Tools

The dScope Tools software is a collection of tools designed for imaging professionals.  It consists of a number of different tools that our customers have requested to help them move away from being a simple photographer or printer, and into becoming a full services provider.  The toolkit is continuing to grow quickly as our customers request more products to be added.  The product is free to download and test.  Further use of the system is based on tickets.  Tickets you purchase can be used on any of the tools in the kit.  Users only pay for what they use, and then only when they have seen the product and can be sure it is saleable.

The kit also contains some free tools that can help you quickly perform some of the simple functions that can take up so much time in your business.

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dScope Image
dScope Tools